The Story

The Story

Sandberg Drinks Lab - Manufacturer of handcrafted non alcholic premium drinks in Stockholm.

Our first product - Enhanced Tonic Syrup - is a concentrated tonic, naturally flavored with aloe vera, chamomile flowers and bourbon vanilla. The signaure serve - Enhanced Tonic Water - consists of a measure of 30ML tonic syrup together with cold sparkling water and ice cubes. An uplifting, fresh and floral drink.

Our idea is to encourage and offer premium alternatives within the non alcoholic segment, in bars and in grocery stores. It should be delicious and luxurious to drink non alcoholic beverages. Enhanced Tonic Syrup also goes well with alcohol and the flavors in the tonic lifts the experience above the average. When you buy a bottle of Enhanced Tonic Syrup you also bring a piece of the craft behind the bar home.

- It all started a few years back at the renowned and awarded bar Pharmarium. A new cocktail menu was in progress and one idea was to bring an irresistible and delicious tonic to life and.. The Gin & House Tonic was born. 

In order to make the Gin & House Tonic stand out and taste different from any other ordinary G&T, I needed to create a unique and special tonic syrup recipe. Herbs and botanicals were carefully selected to complement eachother in a perfect symbiosis. The main ambition was to create an uplifting, fresh and floral tonic to suit any occasion with any kind of booze. All you needed to add was cold sparkling water and ice cubes. 

After 5.500 sold Gin & House Tonics at Pharmarium (exclusively) during a 3 year period, and after a fantastic e-mail from one of our wonderful guests Josh Brooks, who asked us to -"Please start selling your tonic so we can buy in stores!!", it was finally time to dress the tonic syrup up in a nice bottle and show it to the world outside the bar...

/Anders Sandberg

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