Enhanced Tonic Water

30 ml Enhanced Tonic Syrup
150 ml Sparkling Water

Combine in your favourite glass, fill with ice cubes, give it a stir and enjoy! 
100% alcohol free and 100% delicious!

The Gin & House Tonic 

30 ml Enhanced Tonic Syrup
40 ml Bombay Sapphire Gin
125 ml Sparkling Water 

This is the perfect match. The flavors work just excellent toghether in this fresh, floral and uplifting G&T. 

Coffee Tonic 

Pour Cold Brew Coffee or chilled filter coffee over your Enhanced Tonic Water
You will be amazed how the flavors meet.

Other tips!

Enhance your Gin & Tonic-game with flavorful garnishes such as..

Dried citrus
Pink peppercorn
Coriander seeds
Fresh rosemary
Star anise
Fresh mint

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